Okay, so, hi. This is my new blog.

Dear humanity,
hi. This is my new blog.

I’ve decided to switch over from my blogger blog – mainly because I’ve received multiple complaints from multiple readers that their comments are often not published by Blogger (and I never receive/see them) or that they have difficulty commenting there. This can be quite frustrating when you write a long, detailed comment. My sincerest apologies, both from me and especially on behalf of Blogger, to those of you whose voice was never or rarely heard on my blog because of this technical issue!

Also, folks, be patient while I explore this new place. I’m not fond of the themes here yet and still tryina figure my way out. I’m cognizant of the current lack of aesthetic appeal of the blog; PROMISE to put an end to that soon! Also, like, I do NOT appreciate that I’m not able to justify text here (as far as I can tell). It was so simple on Blogger. God, I’mna miss that place …

Hi.I’m not going to delete the other blog or even import all of the posts from there; it’d be a lot of painful work changing and fixing the links as they’re transferred over here. I will transfer over only a few of the fairly important ones, particularly those that are a part of continuing series that I started ages ago and that I’m too busy/lazy to work on consistently, like the Pashtun Leaders and the Pashtun Marriages series. These posts may just be lifetime projects – and I’m okay with that.

So, yeah, from now onward, I’ll be updating this blog, not the other one.

Thanks for your readership and loyalty!

~ the q

5 thoughts on “Okay, so, hi. This is my new blog.

  1. I just found a lovely theme… after changing mine about three times!! Haha welcome to WordPress!! I’m glad you’re here, I have to admit. It’s nice to have you in my reader when you post. Look forward to reading your work!


    • Thanks!! 😀 I’m excited to be here! It’s a little uncomfy, though, ’cause I hear that any time you edit or update a post, people get updates. That must be annoying for others ’cause I’ll be transferring some of my posts here and that means a LOT of notifications for those following me, etc. Apologies in advance for that, lol. (I also tend to read and edit things of mine AFTER they’ve been published and shared, lol.)


    • I’m guilty of the same. You’re in good company. I don’t think people get updates on editing. Only new posts. So if you are transferring stuff over, yes, we will get all of those – but not if you post and then edit/update. At least that’s my understanding.


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