A Hadith on an “Effeminate” Man

Next time someone dares to tell you that Islam doesn’t recognize the existence of multiple genders and that it’s unnatural for people to behave in a way that everyone else in their gender group seems to behave in, at least in public.

A story related in Qushayri’s Risala (trans. Knysh, pg 154):

It is related on the authority of Abd al-Wahhab b. Abd al-Majid al-Thaqafi that he said: “Once I saw a funeral bier [pass by] that was carried by three men and one woman. So I took the place of the woman and we headed toward the cemetery. We prayed over it [the bier] and buried it. Then I asked the woman: ‘What relation was he to you?’ She answered: ‘He was my son.’ I asked: ‘Don’t you have any neighbors [to help you]?’ She answered: ‘I do have neighbors, but they despised him.’ I asked: ‘Who was he then?’ She answered: ‘He was effeminate.’ I felt pity for her, so I took her to my house and gave her some money, grain and clothing. I went to sleep that night and, in my dream, I saw a visitor, who shone like a full moon. He was dressed in a white garment. He began to thank me. I asked him: ‘Who are you?’ He answered: ‘I am that effeminate man, whom you buried today. My Lord has bestowed mercy on me because of people’s contempt for me.’ ”

8 thoughts on “A Hadith on an “Effeminate” Man

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    • Thank you so much for your readership! 🙂
      Absolutely agreed – we should embrace all sides of us, whether masculine, feminine, something in between, neither, or whatever else – or, heck, ALL!

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  3. Nice to read this one. I believe in loving everyone as long as they are harmless to the society.
    What is this Qushayri risala, by the way ??
    And one more thing a man effeminate in nature(which he cannot change) is yet supposed to be not dressed or behave ike females.
    Just asking.
    I think there is some hadees stating something similar.


  4. Im an effeminate boy, i have the mannerisms and voice like a female too. I do consider myself gay but i think marriage is not in my fate in thjs life, im fine being single however i didnt choose to feel this way, neither did i choose to act feminine. Its in my nature. This was truly inspiring. I just wish the muslim community had more tolerance with people like us.


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