Pashto Song for the Army Public School Children Massacred: “Daa Sok Di” (with English translation)

I’m a little resentful that this Pashto song hasn’t received much attention compared to the Urdu one that was produced back in January welcoming the kids back to school. I heard this song for the first time maybe a month ago, and I’m not okay with that. (No, that it’s in Pashto shouldn’t take away from the attention it deserves.) That Urdu one is sung by a child and is incredibly moving. This Pashto one is more of mourning of what is being done to Pashtuns, Pashto (meaning Pashtun culture), Pashto history and future, and so on. Still, everyone should know this song!

Also, pshhh – what’s with starting the song with Pakistan’s national anthem’s theme (the music)?! We wouldn’t have the Taliban without Pakistan’s help in creating and nurturing and training them (and the U.S. too), so why exactly are we being patriotic here?

Anyway, here are the lyrics and an English translation of the song that I did. I did some of this with the help of my friend Malalai. Thanks, Maloo baloo!

Pashto Song “Aman – Daa Sok Di”

Da aman ao da miney da fikruno qaatilan di (x2)
Daa sok di, daa sok di, daa sok di, daa sooooak di
Daa sok di che zamunga da nasluno qaatilan di (x2)

Opposed to peace, love, and learning
Who are they, these people killing generations among us?

Daa sok di che zamunga Pukhtunkhwa ye Karbala krra (x2)
Prei khwyande ye sartorey hara mor ye pa jarra krra
Khobuna ye taala krra – hara saa ye warkhata krra
Da aman qaatilan di da sochuno qaatilan di (x2)

Daa sok di, daa sok di, daa sok di, daa sooooak di
Daa sok di che zamunga da nasluno qaatilan di

Who has dared to convert Pakhtunkhwa into a Karbala?
They’ve dishonored their sisters; they’ve brought tears to every mother’s eyes
They’ve stifled our dreams and left each life in terror
They’re opposed to peace, love, and learning
Who are they, these people killing generations among us?

Daa sok di che Pukhto ye pa salgo krrala majbura
Salgo karrala majbura
Haya ye da shamlo pa aswelo krrala majbura
Aswelo krrala majbura
Hissa da khpalwaakai ye pa gilo krrala majbura
Pa gilo krrala majbura

Who has dared to subject Pashto to heaving sighs?
And subjected the honor of the turban[1] to heaving sighs
They’ve forced the independent region to object

Da dey khaorey da nang ao ghairatuno qatilan di (x2)
Daa sok di, daa sok di, daa sok di, daa sooooak di
Daa sok di che zamunga da nasluno qaatilan di (x2)

They are the annihilators of the dignity and honor of our land
Who are they, these people killing generations among us?

Raorrri ba weena rang da dey masumo shahidano (x2)
Wikhigi zmiruna ba da nang da khawandano
Badleegi ba Layiqa akhir soch da rahbarano (x2)
Soch da rahbarano

I swear the blood of these child martyrs will pay off!
The conscience of the honorable will be awakened some day!
Oh, Laiq, I promise the way of thinking of leaders will change one day!

Da ilam dukhman di da lafzuno qatilan di
Daa sok di, daa sok di, daa sok di, daa sooooak di
Daa sok di che zamunga da nasluno qaatilan di (x2)

Those opposing learning and knowledge,
Who the fuck are these dummies? These dummies, who the hell are they!
These enemies of our little ones!

[1] “Turban” here is symbolic of Pashto culture more broadly.

Below is a Youtube video of the song, but since Pakistan still doesn’t allow its people access to Youtube (LOL – get your priorities straight, fatherland!), here’s a link to a non-Youtube video of the song. It’s supposed to stop at 4:57.


11 thoughts on “Pashto Song for the Army Public School Children Massacred: “Daa Sok Di” (with English translation)

  1. “We wouldn’t have the Taliban if Pakistan (and the U.S. And Saudi) hadn’t created and funded and nurtured them”

    and Afghanistan! Especially that attack, pretty most of the blood is on the hands of NDS and their establishment.

    Caught redhanded supporting TTP a year before Peshawar

    “Revenge may have motivated another potential accessory to the carnage in Peshawar: the Afghan intelligence service. While there is no evidence linking Afghan intelligence to the attack, leaders of both the TTP and TTP-JA are based in Afghanistan. And Afghan intelligence has provided support to both groups, including in conducting reprisal attacks in Pakistani cities in response to attacks in Afghanistan they attribute to Pakistani intelligence. In recent weeks, Kabul has experienced an uptick in terror attacks, as the newly elected government makes concessions toward Islamabad. Naturally, Afghans have been incensed, feeling that they’ve gotten the raw end of the deal with Islamabad. Tuesday’s school attack, which comes less than a week after a French-funded cultural center and school were attacked in Kabul, fits this pattern of tit-for-tat attacks where the Afghan intelligence aids the Pakistani Taliban in hitting targets in Pakistan after major attacks in Afghanistan.”

    Mullah Fazlullah the man in charge of TTP is hiding in Afghanistan & even Afghan government doesn’t deny it, from is safe haven in Afghanistan is commanded this grusome attack on a Pakistani military school, and from that very hideoutin Afghanistan he ordered the attack on Malala/


    • Do you have any idea of *where* (& when) the Taliban were created — and why? I’d read up on that before implying that Afghanistan helped create/nurture them. What’s happening right now is entirely a consequence of what happened initially.

      Then again, most Pakistanis have no idea what their government’s role in continuing to nurture the Taliban is or what it’s been. Why would the government do anything to let them know of its own crimes?


    • Your comment is very condescending, you think me or most Pakistanis don’t know how Taliban was formed and for what reason?

      It was formed in 70s by Pakistan with American and Arabs alongwith Ghilzai Pashtuns to counter communists/Farsiwan-establishment in Afghan civil war of 70s, then following Soviet invasion of Afghanistan Pakistan alongwith help from America and Arab states stepped up support for the Afghan-Taliban against Soviet occupiers who were also being assisted by Iranian and Indian proxies to defend their interests; there were and still are multiple players in this war and it’s not just Pakistan, you won’t even know how many innocents the Northern Alliance,Dostum and Mazari massacred, you only hear about Taliban.

      Also my comment isn’t about the past but the present and the fact remains that Afghanistan is support the TTP, the Pakistani faction of the Taliban, Pakistan on the other hand has strained ties with TTP since operation Rah-e-Rahst in Swat 2009, Mullah Fazlullah went into hiding in eastern Afghanistan at that time and is still there, don’t conflate Afghan-Taliban/Haqqanis with the TTP, both are tenously connected together but still have different aims and objectives, the former views Afghan state as the enemy and the latter views Pakistani state as the enemy.

      Afghanistan was caught redhanded plotting with the TTP in late 2013, and Afghanistan never denied this, they said they were getting even, and throughout 2014 whenever there was an attack in Afghanistan a reprisal attack would occur in Pakistan and then the cycle would continue, so these attacks and in particular the APS massacre was a “revenge” attacks by Afghan intelligence(read links above), I even confronted Afghan nationalists about this and they told me if this true then it’s “fine” because Pakistan was/is doing same by aiding the Afghan Taliban and now Afghan intelligence is just getting and the tone of the Afghan government has been the same.

      So just because the Taliban was formed,nurtured by Pakistan and continues to assist it’s proxies in Afghanistan doesn’t take away from the fact that Afghan intel is backing TTP and is responsible for the APS massacre of children, many of whom were children of army officers.

      I don’t justify what Pakistan does and don’t like Pakistani nationalists who live in denial but it’s time Pashtun nationalists such as yourself realized that the Afghan intel also plays dirty and is largely responsibly for a lot of the violence on this of the durrand line, at least since 2009.

      Of course no government tells the proletariat what it’s up to behind the scenes, but most liberals in Pakistan and elsewhere aren’t awrae that the Af-Pak proxy war has been going on since 1947, both countries almost went to war in ’61, there’s a lot more at play here than just the Taliban.


    • No, I don’t believe it’s just the Taliban at play here. My aside (and literally an aside – the focus of this post is not the Taliban or even Pakistan, remember?) was merely one example of Pashtun Pakistani’s ignorance and submission to Pakistan by using the national anthem theme in this otherwise beautiful, moving song.

      I wish Pakistanis would stop using every chance they get to talk about how bad Afghanistan is even where their comments are totally irrelevz.


  2. Oh my God! Looking at the title of this song made me cry.. And without looking at the translations, I got to know each and every meaning of the words in the song. It reminds me of the past of what had happened.
    Love it…


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