Eid Mubarak!!! <3 My Eid was full of twirling!

Dear humanity, Eid mubarak! 🙂 May God accept all of your fasts and other good deeds from Ramadhan, and may we all get to see many, many more Ramadhans and Eids in our lifetimes, aameen. May the suffering and afflictions of all humans, Muslim or non, around the world come to an end, and may nothing but peace, joy, and love be destined for them and us all, aameen. ❤

This Ramadhan was the first in which I’ve never been with a family of some sort (my own or a host family abroad), so there were days and suhoors where I missed my family like I’ve never missed them before. Iftars were good because I broke them with the community at a mosque. Plus, I got to evaluate the aurah of the men who would lead the evening prayer, rating the seductiveness/attractiveness of their voice in the same way that the male ulama industry has been doing historically, categorically declaring all women’s voice aurah because apparently, our voice is so powerful and so stunning and so sexy it seduces men. But, obviously, women don’t have the capacity to be seduced by men’s voice. Pshh – I rated the men’s voice almost every night, and my (heterosexual) female friends and I had lengthy conversations over the aurah of some of the men’s voices, so they (the heterosexual male ulama) lied to us all these centuries when they claimed that women’s voice is aurah but men’s not. I’ll write more on this another time.

Oh, ya, I wrote about Eid and Ramadhan in Oman when I was there last year; you can read all about it here – but please forgive the frequent typos! I can’t/don’t edit my own writings because I pain when I re-read what I write, but there are some terribly obvious typos.

So, basically, this was the first Little Eid I’ve spent in this city where I live – though I’ve been living here for almost 4 complete years. I have exams right now that determine whether I’m fit for a PhD or not, so I wasn’t planning on celebrating and just working on those, BUT alhamdulillah for wonderful and inclusive friends who insist that Eid is the one time that everyone should be enjoying 🙂 God reward them infinitely for their kindness and generosity. I spent the night with a friend and her kids, went to a Chand Raat thingie the night before Eid (Chand Raat here isn’t as fun and cool as it is in other cities I’ve attended in … I mean, there was no live music, etc., at least during the time we were there), went to Eid prayer and took lots of selfies and photos with other friends, visited friends afterwards, and took more and more photos. Just because when I was alone with my friend’s 16-month-old daughter, Sophie, two of the best ways I could think to entertain her were a) selfies (she takes out her pacifier when taking photos, and it’s the most adorable sight ever, folks!), and b) twirling in my dress as she watched amusingly and then attempted to twirl in hers! It was definitely the highlight of my Eid! She’s SO cute, mashaAllah! Naturally, Kashmala is deeply jealous that I twirled with this little queen so I’ve to figure out which dresses I have at home (where Kashmala currently is) that I could twirl with her in …

That’d be all! I wish the entire world a beautiful Eid, and may we be blessed with many, many more, aameen!

8 thoughts on “Eid Mubarak!!! <3 My Eid was full of twirling!

    • You’re welcome! My Eid this year was quiet because I was ill but I do have a wonderful community to celebrate with. We have ripping Eids… with jumping castles! Petting zoos! and a balloon man! lol. In couple of outer suburbs in Melbourne there are open to the public Eid street parties and different community groups will have their own Eid Prayers in their own language; very diverse. Much like the US I guess? Thank you for your wishes x


  1. Hey Orbala! Eid Mubarak honey! Most best best wishes to you and all of your loved ones fron me. You look so cute, lovely, sweet, fabolous, marvellous, perfectly, totally really very awesome in the photos. So is that Little Queen.
    MashaAllah! Sooooo adorable!
    With love ❤


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