Responses to the Sexual Abuse Post – Part 6

Apologies, readers, that this was lost in my drafts somewhere! Here’s another response to the series on sexual abuse. This is the account of a male reader who shares the impact of his now 40-year-old brother’s abuse on both the brother and the family. God grant all involved innocent parties peace and strength. What a burden and pain to carry for so long . . .

9. What I’m pasting below was written by someone in response to an article I wrote on sexual abuse among children and refugees in Pakistan (the other 5 stories can be read here.) Pasting the individual’s comment verbatim from there. Be warned that it’s a painful read.

I really don’t know what to comment.i am going through this most shocking phase of my brother who is 40 years old, who had a very rough life, being neglected and rejected by us all coz of his drug use and other activities, recently revealed to my sister that he was a victim of sex abuse since the day first he was sent to Madrassah by our dad at the age of 4.He told us that as soon as my father left him there, the teacher took him in a room and performed anal sex on him.and this continued for all those years to come.My mom after knowing all this, has almost had a heart attack.I cant sleep at night and am turned crazy.My mom told me that when he used to come back from madrassah there would be blood on his underclothing, and he passed bloody stools. my parents kept taking him to different doctors and thought its a hernia or something.Imagine….you cant feel the pain in my cant know what I am saying.imagine my mom and dad’s negligence, or naiveness or what..we hated our brother all his life because of his rough attitude, his failure in school and education, his low self esteem, his rash behavior, his drug use, and also his sexual waywardness.And now he is at the age of 40.He has kids of his own.we are very religious people but all this….I feel like screaming out loud like a crazy person.He was not the one who was wrong.He was wronged himself.we were wrong, the whole damn society iis wrong.The whole moral set up is twisted to the interests of those who are abusers and molesters. This is not Islam.Islam is far more higher than this.if I was born in the age of Hazrat Umar RA , he would have hanged that son of a bitch untill now, but forty years…those forty years of shame..and truama..and rejection, and no one knows.No body has the awareness, nobody has the audacity, nobody has the knowledge, even the doctors did not give a hint, or ask a question to my parents at that time..even the educated ones, if my parents did not know.I feel mad at my mom and dad, at the doctor, at the society.I am not mad at the guy himself who did know why…coz we let him do parents would send thier innocent child every single day to that den of wolves and never looked back what is happening.the bloody stools, the bloody clothes…OH My God, this pain, this heart is melting with pain.when I am going back to Pakistan, I will definitely talk about it on media.let them hang me.let them kill me.i am a woman , but I will…

5 thoughts on “Responses to the Sexual Abuse Post – Part 6

  1. Salam Salam: Your comment has been deleted because, as usual, you had nothing constructive to say and simply came to bash religion, especially Islam, as is the habit of the contemporary Muslim-turned-extremist-atheist. Once you come up with some original, thoughtful insights on *any* of the several topics I discuss on my blog, other than your usual wishful thinking that “one day, religion will die, and there will be no violence and extremism” (? such ignorance hurts my brain; stop it), I would appreciate your contribution, but until then … until then, keep quiet. In *every* topic I’ve ever raised, even the ones with absolutely no connection to religion, you’ve made your empty claim that religion is destructive and will one day end. I mean, seriously, you don’t tire of saying the same thing over and over and over even where it’s as irrelevant as can be? Okay, so come back to talk to me once you’ve learned something new. Peace!


  2. Well, if i got nothing better, i might consider to come back..until then you enjoy your own songs, which you will never be tired of billions of others..i sincerely wish you good luck..addiction is lethal..


    • No, indeed I’m never gonna tire of singing my song of justice, fighting bigots of multiple backgrounds. Including those like you and those who think that they’re so educated and enlightened for adopting atheism as the only (and seriously narrow) way of life and seeing all other paths and choices are wrong and destructive; and those Muslims who insist that their narrow, patriarchal Islam is the only way of life. God save this world from both of you ❤


  3. It took a lot of courage for this man to speak out. I’ll be honest in that my heart gears toward his brother more but I hope they find some healing.


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