Childhood Pictures from Swat

When I’m sad, I tend to miss Swat. But, no, I don’t want to live there still ❤ Or maybe I will, I don’t know. So when I miss Swat, I look through photos of Swat, taken by me or others, and blog posts I’ve written about it. Good stuff, man, good stuff. Alhamdulillah for many, many beautiful memories. So the last time I visited home, I re-visited some family photo albums and discovered the following gems – pictures of little me!

There are these three pics that I remember so clearly when they were being taken, and I cannot find them at all anywhere now. It saddens me. One of them was taken during Big Eid, and it’s a whole bunch of cousins and me standing awkwardly in the photo. I hope to find it one day soon, inshaAllah. The other two were taken during an award ceremony, in separate years, but one of them I remember clearly specifically because I had finished learning to read the Qur’an that day, and my family was going to be having a khatam that same day. The third one I remember specifically because there were fears (I don’t remember among whom) that I was “growing up” (I was still a kid, though, 8 years old! And, no,  I wasn’t developing my girl parts), and so I had to have a longer hijab/scarf than I’d had till that time. So in the picture, I’m wearing this long-ass scarf – I still good and everything, sure, but dang the reasons!

Oh, yes, and there’s another one that I was given during my visit to Swat: me and my dad ❤ It’s really cute.

I’ll share those 4 ones when I get my hands on them again some time.

As for the following pics … see captions/messages above the pics. Also, everyone should understand now why I smile huge in pictures: I’m trying to make up for the total lack of smiles in pictures before I learned to smile!


Around 1991 or ’92. That little baby is my brother. Kanju, Swat



Not much memory of this, but I wanna say it was for our documents for ‘Murrica?


Before coming to the U.S., so I wanna say around late ’98. My brother. They’d just taken off his cast after his leg had broken badly in a car accident in ’97.

I remember the moment in the following photo so clearly. This was the day my brother was being circumcised (WHY DO THEY CIRCUMCISE BOYS THAT OLD!!! Why not in infancy! My goodness, poor thing!). We were sent to get some photos of my brother taken before his circumcision. The school I attended was close to this area. Kabal Chawak, Swat

as a kid


lolz. This would be 2000, I think.


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One Response to Childhood Pictures from Swat

  1. Mr Yousafzai says:

    Till what age were u at school in swat and what kind of stuff do they teach?


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