“I am Bosnia”: a plea to help Bosnia’s orphaned youth

Dear human readers,

A good (Bosnian) friend of mine is organizing an event (a charity dinner) to raise funds for Bosnia’s orphaned youth’s education, and I would be grateful to anyone and everyone who can make a contribution. Whatever you can donate will be helpful. They’re threatening to cancel the event if she can’t manage to pull off $2000 by next week, so this is a little urgent – and personal and special to me because of my closeness with this friend.

Here’s the link with some details about the cause and information on how you can help.

Thank you for your generosity and attention 🙂


For more on Bosnia and the tragedy (genocide) that has brought the country to where it is now, please see the following:

Bosnia 1992-1995 from Midhat Mujkic on Vimeo.



About Orbala

Pashtun. Interested in all things Pashtuns, feminism, and Islam/religion. And I want it to rain on my wedding day, pliss, inshaAllah.
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