the homophobic activism of (muslim/other) academics need to end asap.

It’s always ironic when homophobic academic-activists think their homophobic interpretations of Islam are so important for everyone to know that they worry that those with a more egalitarian interpretation of Islam might not be exposing their students to the “true Islamic” (in their opinion) view on homosexuality – i.e., homophobic views.

As usual, this discussion has come up again in an academic listserv, as though people’s sexuality is still up for debate in 2019, but, hey, academics are full of surprises. Especially male academics (see here for their emotional tendencies). Someone asked for references on homosexuality in Islam, and folks offered their suggestions, and the homophobic activists freak out and respond with “wait, wait, here’s an article I write that offers an ALTERNATIVE view of homosexuality.” And then they keep repeating themselves by saying, “I’m just making sure that you people are aware of this perspective as well,” a laughable comment because… basically, all of the below.

  1. You understand that literally every single thing written on homosexuality that you think isn’t “Islamic” offers a lit review or otherwise engages with what you falsely think is the “correct Islamic” view, right? In fact, everything on homosexuality in Islam today is a direct response to the homophobic interpretation of Islam that you and other anti-gay activists like you espouse.
  2. Stop dismissing non-homophobic perspectives on Islam and homosexuality as “activist,” as though something’s wrong with activism or as though non-homophobic scholarship isn’t legitimate scholarship. If anything, none of us appreciate your activism against gay/queer people’s rights.
  3. Since you appear to insist that academics should expose their students to all possible perspectives, lemme ask you this, academic to academic: have you ever assigned a feminist piece of scholarship or literature to your students in any of your classes, religion-focused or not, Islam-focused or not, gender-focused, or not? Not doing so would be hypocritical, no, if you insist that we assign your homophobic articles in our classes? (For the record, some of you are such unethical human beings in your daily interactions with women – don’t get me STARTED on my personal stories with some of you – that I, like many other Muslim feminist academics, have vowed never to assign you in any of our courses. Yeah, we don’t believe in separating “the art” from “the artist.”
  4. Stop with the self-pity because your misogyny/other hetero-patriarchy is slowly dying out and the future is feminist ❤ and queer ❤ You’re not the victim. The victim is the group you think whose existence is conditional on the opinions and iterations of faith of dead (probably heterosexual – and Middle Eastern/N. African?) men from a vague, unclear past, men whose knowledge of Islam should never, ever be a source of Islam because they also believed slavery, child marriage, and “sex” with women you weren’t married to but whom you had enslaved (i.e., rape) were all completely acceptable. Seriously? Those things are okay but same sex relations aren’t?
  5. For more on homosexuality, see: this note to Muslims who don’t support homosexuality/same-sex relations – lots more sources in the post, too; this on what Islam really says about homosexuality (references there, too!); this book review of a book challenging popular opinions of Muslim “scholars” on some issues, including homosexuality; and so on.

Okay, I need to sleep now.

Also, the future is feminist ❤ Deal with it.

P.S. This isn’t to even suggest that only Muslim academics can be or are homophobic. I’ve recently disappointingly learned that far more people (professors) than I’d like to believe that I work with are homophobic, and they’re all Christian and think the Bible endorses their anti-lgbtq positions (it actually doesn’t). So many of my students are also homophobic. But since the homophobic folks in this listserv were Muslim men, this post is about them.

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