Contact & Payment

I receive frequent emails that demand my time, attention, energy, and labor. While I appreciate the interest in my work, it takes a lot of my time to respond to emails/requests that demand resources from me, including my time. These requests include: reading and giving feedback on 100+ pages of theses/dissertations or books about to be sent off to the press (this is the most common request – I don’t know why); emails with this other common request, “can you send me a huge-ass list of resources on this topic,” “can you write an article for me or about me?” – hardly anyone has ever offered to compensate me for my time and labor.

So I have now decided that I will no longer entertain any requests that require my labor unless I’m compensated for it. Before you send me such request, please pay first (paypal to – email me and we can talk about the value of my labor.

The unacceptable thing is that it’s almost always men who demand my time so casually. Male entitlement to women’s time and work and energy is a real thing, and it needs to end yesterday. Stop wanting free things from women! We’re not here on earth for you to exploit.

~ Orbala