Feminist Poetry

Some of my poems! All are by me, and none may be circulated without their respective links. Thank you for your understanding. (No, seriously. I once wrote this Pashto poem called Ta Laare Da Bal Cha Shwey, and it’s all over the internet with no mention that the qrratu here wrote it! Then I wrote another Pashto poem, the one for the Peshawar School children killed on December 16, 2014, and someone attributed to a poet friend of mine. I’m like … ?! Whaa?! He didn’t write it, man; I did. It’s frustrating becuz Pashto poetry is hard, okay.)

Organized by genre and by alphabet (some overlap, and so I’ve included them in more than one category):




Patriotic (to Pashto or Pashtuns)



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