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Islamic feminism is an active and vibrant movement that is the subject of inquiry not merely among academics and scholars but also among activists and bloggers on the internet. Blogging is an effective means of change and an important space where questions and concerns are raised that may not be done so elsewhere. The bloggers below engage with Islam and the Qur’an through their experiences with and reflections, interpretations, and re-interpretations of Qur’anic verses, hadiths, mainstream Muslim practice and thought; they challenge patriarchal interpretations that have historically harmed women or ignored women’s voices and experiences that are direct products of patriarchal interpretations of Islam. The Muslim feminist blogosphere is thus a world where readers are introduced to the perspectives of Muslim feminists whose voices are not always reflected in the academy. It is also where ordinary Muslim women (self-identified feminists or those covering questions of gender and sexuality in their blogs) discuss the ways in which conventional Islamic norms and guidelines about Islam and gender affect their daily lives.

Below is a list (in alphabetical order) of Muslim bloggers whose blogs I highly recommend to anyone interested in Islamic feminism or Muslim feminists’ reflections on gender-related issues in their personal lives, in their communities, or in the broader Muslim and non-Muslim world. The list is non-comprehensive, and I invite readers to share any others with me that have not been included here.

Muslim Feminist Blogs

A Sober Second Look

Achelois (private blog -requires access)


AntiDogmaSpray (private blog -requires access)

Azizatu Nafsiha

Badass Muslimahs

Cairo. Lusaka. Amsterdam. (this author, Sara Salem, has another blog, but it’s not centered on Islamic feminism. It’s more generally on postcolonialism, Marxism, feminism, and can be accessed here.)

Diaries of a Bumblee

Diary of a Muslim Feminist (private blog -requires access)

The Fatal Feminist

Femin Ijtihad

Freedom from the Forbidden

Josh Shahryar

Life and Lima Beans (by Syahida)

Life of a Muslim Feminist

Margari Aziza Hill

Mehreen Kasana

Metis’ Blog on Feminism

Muslim Feminists

Muslim feminist bloggers/contributors at the Feminism and Religion website: Kecia Ali|Vanessa Rivera de la Fuente|Jameelah X. Medina| Laury Silvers| Amina Wadud|

Muslim Girl (“Muslim Women Talk Back!” an online magazine)

Muslimah Media Watch

Muslim Reverie

Muslim Women in History

Ninja Girl Power

Opinions of a Gnat

Safiyyah Surtee

Shabana Mir

Stephanie Roy

Vanessa Rivera

Wood Turtle

Other resources on Islamic Feminism (books, non-blogging websites like Musawah, etc.)

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